How To Safeguard Yourself When Going Online

Published August 8, 2018

Each person wants to be safe when going online. Hardly anyone is willing their correspondence, private or business data to be opened to public. Perhaps, you would like to get access to the website banned in your country, chat with your friends in a banned messenger or watch TV shows which are not available for streaming in your area. Now, you are able to easily get access to any website and safeguard yourself when surfing the Internet installing VPN on your mobile deceive or PC. Reading nordvpn review you will be able to make a decision and choose VPN service which will make you feel safe online.

Service Which Will Make You Feel Free

NordVPN is a service which makes it possible for you to keep privacy and be safe when going online. This VPN service is available for a great number of devices and platforms; it may be installed on PC, laptop, iOS or Android divides.

Just like lots of similar VPNs, NordVPN lets users access banned websites, encrypt traffic, get access to the streaming content and be completely anonymous when surfing the Internet. The service also offers DoubleVPN servers which encrypts data twice and maximizes user’s anonymity making it impossible for third parties to find out your IP address.

Installing NordVPN, you protect yourself from malicious software as well as become able to block ads by means of CyberSec feature which analyzes all the necessary information about the website you visit and warns you when someone wants to get access to your private data.

Purchasing NordVPN on you become able to install it on up to 6 devices – PC, laptop, tab, mobile phone, etc. – and activate it in just one click. VPN services may be useful when accessing both private and public networks, so you can feel safe visiting any website outside of your house. Installing VPN, you also protect corporate traffic, become able to maintain business correspondence and protect all the important data.

Pros And Cons Of NordVPN

Just like any other service, NordVPN has its pros and cons. The clear benefits are:

  • a great number of servers – there are up to 4,500 VPN servers located in 62 countries of the world;
  • a servers map which will help you select a server by region or country;
  • an ability to block ads;
  • usage of AES-256 encryption;
  • an availability of browser extensions;
  • a possibility to connect up to 6 devices at a time;
  • 24/7/365 support;
  • an availability of iOS and Android apps;
  • a possibility to switch to different languages.

Absence of free NordVPN edition is considered to be its main disadvantage. Sometimes, users may receive lower speeds when turning NordVPN on in comparison with the speeds without VPN. You are able to find out more info about every NordVPN peculiarity and feature which will help you make a decision.

If you are searching for a VPN service which will ensure your privacy and safety giving you a possibility to access banned websites and protect your data, then such a proven option as NordVPN will definitely be a catch for you.

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