How to Get Rid of the Fear to be Unique in Order to Become a Successful Person


Published June 8, 2018

All people are different. But there is one thing most of us have in common, it’s a strive for success. However, united by this desire, only few manage to achieve success in life while for many others, it turns into a pipe dream, not to say an illusion. And it is not about the lack or resources or ideas, since it happens that one person might become a successful clothes and accessories designer having only a home knitting machine at hand while the other would fail even with a whole sewing shop at his disposal. What is the problem then? What hinders some people from achieving success?

Strange as it might sound, it’s always about ourselves, namely, about our fear of being successful. Let’s face it, there are not so many people who would tell they are not afraid of failure. A single failure is sometimes enough to hold you back and make you quit trying. No matter how you define success, the key to achieving it is to overcome the fear of success sitting somewhere deep inside of every individual and believe in yourself.

Even successful people fear from time to time but they manage to get over it and move forward. You wonder how? There are several easy tips and tricks that will help you chase your fears, get closer to your dreams, and become the person you want to be.

Accept Yourself

It’s a starting point of your journey to success. Nobody is perfect. Accept not only your merits and strengths but also your flaws and weaknesses. Once you accept it, you’ll be ready to face your fear and struggle it.

Stop Looking for Excuses

Don’t excuse your inactivity. Start looking for options and opportunities. If you need to buy a home laser cutter to realize all your creative ideas and move your DIY hobby to a more professional level, go and buy it. And don’t say you don’t want to invest in something you are not sure about. You never know unless you try. Even if you fail, keep on trying. Everybody makes mistakes. No way to success is possible without mistakes.  

Set Clear and Achievable Goals  

Achieving your major life goal is not a single step action. Set some minor objectives you are most likely to hit on a short-term basis. Smaller achievements will help you become more confident, unleash your full potential, and eventually find your way to success. Meanwhile, minor failures will let you analyze your mistakes and make the necessary conclusions.

Take a Risk

Stop being scared of unknown. Sometimes, it’s worth quit thinking over, getting into details, and considering all possible scenarios. Simply take a risk. Often the boldest and seemingly unrealizable ideas and projects turn out a real success.

Visualize Your Success

Rehearse your success in your mind. Imagine how you would feel when you succeed and let yourself enjoy it. Remember this feeling and make it your guiding star that will help you focus rather on achievements than on the fear and uncertainty.

There is no one-for-all success formula or recipe. Your life is in your hands and you should always start from yourself. Nobody will help you better than yourself. Start combating your inner fears today and make your way to success.    

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