How to Download and Install a Missing Msvcp140.dll File

Published October 14, 2018

If you are one of the unlucky who have received the message informing you that “the program can’t start because msvcp140.dll is missing,” you can take advantage of our recommendations to fix the problem.

Why Do I See ‘Msvcp140.dll’ Error Message?

The msvcp140.dll file responsible for your failure to run a certain program on your PC is an important component of C++ applications created by Visual Studio 2015. The underlying reason behind the error thrown by your program is system’s inability to reach that component, which was either removed or corrupted in some way.

As responsible users, we try to follow the recommendations for addressing a certain problem generated by the system. Thus, very often users reinstall the troublesome program first thing after reading the error message. Though, in some cases, this method can help fix the problem, it often proves to be ineffective when there is something fundamentally wrong with the msvcp140.dll file. Therefore, the only remedy to the situation will be downloading the missing file from the Internet and installing it on your PC.

Downloading the Missing File

In the majority of tutorials and guides, authors warn their readers against downloading missing .dll files from random, non-reputable websites that may supply them with malware. It is not without reason, we must say. The truth is that the Internet is replete with the sites promising users to solve their problems with opening certain applications or programs in no time. Unfortunately, very few can truly meet your expectations. is one of such trustworthy websites that can not only fix an msvcp140.dll missing error, but also provide you with the best possible solution to any missing .dll file problem.

You can download any soft from without fearing of catching a Trojan or getting more dangerous malware.

Choosing the Correct Version of a File

One thing you should remember prior to getting the necessary component is that there are two versions of the msvcp140.dll file usually offered for downloading. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the program you attempt to open. Depending on the program (32- or 64-bit), you will download either a 32- or a 64-bit file. Look carefully through the descriptions accompanying each file that the website offers for downloading.

  • We recommend downloading the most recently uploaded files available on the website.

Traditionally, to launch the download process, you will be asked to press the “Download” button and wait a little bit for the completion of downloading.

Installing Files

After getting the necessary files into your “Download” folder, perform the decompression of the acquired files. After that, copy file content into C: /Windows/System32 (for a 32-bit system) or C: /Windows/SysWOW64 (for a 64-bit system) folder. You can also avail yourself of the application/game folder, instead. Just extracted files into this folder and reboot the system.

Fixing the Error Automatically

There are times when you feel powerless in the face of an unfixable system error. So, why not let a smart program look for the best solution to the problem bugging you? Take advantage of such a useful tool as Wikidll Fixer, which was developed for detecting .dll errors and fixing them automatically. After finding the underlying cause of the problem, the program starts searching for the missing or corrupted .dll files. It also can save the acquired files into proper directories.

With this magic Fixer, you won’t need to download missing components and installing them manually. Wikidll Fixer will do this job for you.

If you are still having problems opening a program due to the missing msvcp140.dll file, don’t hesitate to fire up your new Checker to fix the issue in the most efficient way.

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