Houston to Host the First Annual Indigenous Peoples Movement Conference

Published May 6, 2019

Themed “Eliminating the Borders For A New World,” the Event Will Bring Together Indigenous Voices from Across the Globe to Highlight Peace and Progress with an Emphasis on Traditional Knowledge

HOUSTON — The Indigenous Peoples Movement is proud to announce the first Indigenous Peoples Movement Conference: “Eliminating the Borders For A New World.” The event will run from May 10th – 12th at the TBH Center in Houston, Texas.

“Our strong coalition of Indigenous voices that were behind the Indigenous Peoples March are uniting to work on blueprints for an international change toward peace and progress,” said event organizer Nathalie Farfan.

Created to empower people from the grassroots level to professionals involved with civic engagement, the conference aims to give all people the chance to carry forth their ancestors’ spirit and encourage youths to embrace their chance to become change-makers.

This year’s inaugural conference will feature numerous facilitators, speakers and sessions that address topics like: building intersectional movements; maximizing digital civic tools; uniting to eliminate environmental injustice; institutionalizing voter registration; engaging faculty; prison reform; suicide and violence prevention; and bringing decolonized educational programs to school curricula. We will also touch on The Doctrine of Discovery and the influence of colonization on Indigenous communities.

We live in a constantly evolving political environment, so we ask: what controversial topics should be addressed? What issues are important to our ambassadors, stakeholders and youth, and what are the most effective methods and channels for us to reach them?

These topics and more will be addressed at The Indigenous Peoples Movement Conference, May 10th – 12th (indigenouspeoplesmovement.com/ipmhtx19). Let’s come together as influential voices in today’s ever progressing democracy. We can build a new, more inclusive foundation!

The event will also feature performances on Friday and Saturday from Saylove, Terrance Jade, Def-I, Nehzahr, Genocide, Mana, Sweed, Juan Torres, Erik Andrade, Quese IMC Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh, the Moko Jimmie Dancers and more. Tickets for each day of performances (without attendance for the conference) can be purchased on our eventbrite page for $20.

For more information and registration for the three-day conference, please visit:indigenouspeoplesmovement.com/ipmhtx19

For sponsorship, partnerships and vending opportunities, email IPM at:
indigenouspeoplesmovement@gmail.com or visit indigneouspeoplesmovement.com

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