Hoopa Tribal Chairman: Discontinue Shopping at Ray’s Food Place because of Rat Infestation

Ray's Food Place was cited for having rat infestation by health officials.

Ray’s Food Place was cited for having rat infestation by health officials.

Published June 16, 2016

HOOPA, CALIFORNIA – After the Humboldt County Health Department found a major rat infestation problem at a grocery store that serves the Hoopa Valley Indian community, Hoopa Valley Tribal Chairman Ryan Jackson told his tribal members to not shop at Ray’s Food Place.

The building is owned by the Hoopa Valley Tribe and is leased to a company that operates Ray’s Food Place that is located on the reservation.

The Humboldt County Health Department performed an inspection at the grocery store last Thursday, June 9 and discovered a “massive rat infestation that left the store littered with feces and reeking with rat urine.”

The health department closed the the deli, bakery and meat department.

Here is the statement written by Tribal Chairman Ryan Jackson:

After reviewing the most recent evidence, including the Humboldt County Health inspection report, I am advising the Hoopa Valley community to discontinue shopping at Ray’s Food Place until the situation has been adequately investigated and addressed.

As has been previously reported, there is a significant rodent infestation of the facility and the conditions have deteriorated.

I have directed the necessary staff to immediately address and mitigate the effects of the current conditions at the Rays Food Place.

In taking the necessary next steps, my administration is exploring opening a temporary shopping facility.

The timeframes for the opening of a new shopping facility are unknown at this time. However, it is my expectation that the process will be expedited.

It is wholly unacceptable and reprehensible that these conditions were allowed to persist under the current management of the Rays Food Place.

I applaud those individuals who came forward and exposed the filthiest of conditions that our community has had to endure.

I assure you that my administration will not sit idly by and allow this type of behavior to continue unabated.

Ryan Jackson
Hoopa Valley Tribal Council

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