Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Michigan: “We Have to Bring Our Country Together”

Hillary Clinton campaigning in Grand Rapids. Native News Online photos by Levi Rickert

Hillary Clinton campaigning in Grand Rapids. Native News Online photos by Levi Rickert

Published November 7, 2016

GRAND RAPIDS – Hillary Clinton brought her message to Grand Valley State University’s Allendale campus on the last day before Tuesday’s national presidential election. State polls show Clinton with a 4.2 point lead on the Monday before the election. Just a month ago, Clinton had a double-digit lead in this highly industrial state.

Her opponent, Donald Trump, will be in Grand Rapids at an 11 p.m. rally. It will be his second visit to Grand Rapids since last week Monday when he held a rally.

Michigan has voted Democratic in all presidential elections since 1992.

Michigan, a state that suffered immensely when George W. Bush was in the White House, lost over 750,000 manufacturing jobs. During the end of the Bush Great Recession, the automobile industry was near collapse. After President Barack Obama became president he proposed and got Congress to pass a bailout for the automobile industry.

Clinton understands the importance of keeping the momentum going to bring jobs back to Michigan.

“We are going to invest in new jobs. If we have a plan, we can lead the world in precision,” Clinton told the crowd. “My opponent has chosen to produce his products overseas. He has gone all over Michigan telling he will fix things. Don’t believe this. Look at this record; don’t listen to his¬†rethoric, ” she continued.

Clinton told the enthusiac crowd of 5,000 that she wants to bring this country together. 


Clinton at Grand Valley State University

Clinton at Grand Valley State University

“We need more love and kindness in America. If you give the honor to be your president, I will do everything I can to get this country together. We want an America where we build bridges, not walls.”





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