High School Seniors: Become a Dream Warrior 

Sicangu Lakota, and Tanaya Winder and Frank Waln

Mic Jordan, and Tanaya Winder and Frank Waln

ALBUQUERQUE – A new scholarship opportunity is available for American Indian/Alaskan Natives/Native Hawaiian high school seniors, who are interested in pursing a career in the arts, called the Dream Warriors Scholarship.

The Dream Warriors Scholarship was formed by a collective of young American Indian artists: Tall Paul, Anishinaabe/Oneida, Mic Jordan, Anishinaabe, Frank Waln, Sicangu Lakota, and Tanaya Winder, Southern Ute/Duckwater Shoshone/Pyramid Lake Paiute Nations. Under the management of Ms. Winder, all these hip-hop artists travel to perform concerts, run workshops, speak at various engagements, and teach empowerment and artist skill sets throughout the country. All of whom have had humble beginnings and maintain close ties to their reservations and urban communities.

“I myself understand the importance of scholarships. Without the extra funding, I would not have had the opportunity to further my education,” says Mic Jordan, hip-hop artist and motivational speaker.

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These artists serve as living examples that a career in the arts can be realistic and achievable. The purpose of Dream Warriors is to encourage high school seniors to pursue their creative curiosities and passions by providing a scholarship geared towards such endeavors.

“This scholarship is important because it helps young Indigenous people realize that: 1) We can actually do what we love and follow our passion; 2) Each of us has a unique gift to offer the world; 3) We can use that gift to heal and bring about change in our lives,” says Waln, award-winning hip-hop artist and outspoken activist.

Dream Warriors Management was created and is run by Tanaya Winder, Editor-in-Chief of As/Us: A Space for Women in the World. Winder is a spoken word poet, writer, guest lecturer, and has taught writing courses at Stanford University, the University of New Mexico and the University of Colorado-Boulder. She has a Bachelor’s in English from Stanford University and a Master’s degree in creative writing from the University of New Mexico.

“I hope this scholarship encourages young artists in ways we weren’t, but also in ways we were because we’ve made it this far,” says Winder. “It’s our way of saying—you have a voice, you have a gift, and those are worth sharing. It’s our way of showing—we see you and you matter.”

Students interested in pursuing careers in music, writing as well as other visuals arts including—but not limited to—painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, performance art, dance and drama/acting are urged to apply to Dream Warriors.

“Essentially, you have to ask yourself what it is that you want to do or be in life, and when you know the answer to that question, just do it,” says Tall Paul, song writer and hip-hop artist. “Don’t worry about whether the money will come right away. If you do that in a positive way, you will epitomize what it means to be a Dream Warrior.”

Applications are due by June 1st and will be accessed by a national selection committee. The scholarship will be awarded once per school year (dispersed in increments) and the winner will be notified by mid July. For more information or to become involved, visit www.dreamwarriors.co.


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