With Helicopter Overhead, Security Used Tear Gas and Dogs to Move Standing Rock Land Protectors

Security brought dogs to move land protectors.

Security brought dogs to move land protectors.

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Published September 3, 2016

NEAR CANNON BALL, NORTH DAKOTA — While chanting “water is life” and holding up signs, Standing Rock land protectors on Saturday, September 3, 2016, were met with resistance by private security personnel who sprayed tear gas and used dogs to move the crowd.

A North Dakota State Patrol helicopter hovered overhead.

Land protectors are reporting that the security company used by Dakota Access pipeline company, “unloaded vicious dogs to push the water protectors off the land. The dogs were blindly lunging at everyone, even DAPL construction workers! Tear gas has been deployed by DAPL security force  to end the nonviolent direct action at the construction site, just off Hwy 1806, just one mile north of Red Warrior Camp.”

Arthur Jacobs contributed to this article from Emeryville, California.

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