GVSU’s “Celebrating All Walks of Life” Powwow

Mary Bush, Belinda Bardwell, Kristie Scanlon and Tim Loonsfoot

Published April 9, 2017

Native News Online photos by Levi Rickert

ALLENDALE, MICHIGAN – Hundreds of people were on hand for Grand Valley State University’s “Celebrating All Walks of Life” Powwow Saturday afternoon on its Allendale’s campus – 14 miles west of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The powwow was sponsored by Grand Valley State University and the university’s Native American Student Association. The powwow featured dancing, drumming and booths selling American Indian items. A food booth selling Indian tacos, fry bread and other items.

2016 -2017 Miss Potawatomi Mary Bush

On hand at the powwow was Mary Bush, the reigning Miss Potawatomi.

“I am enjoying being Miss Potawatomi. I have been attending quite a few events,” commented Bush.

The powwow continues on Sunday, April 9. Grand Entry will be at 12 noon.



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