Gun Lake Tribe Presents Hopkins Schools with $93,040 to Purchase Computer Technology

Ben Brenner, Hopkins Public Schools School Board member; Scott VanBonn, Hopkins Elementary Principal; Amy Mielke, Sycamore Elementary Principal; Jeff Martin, Tribal Council Secretary; Chairman Scott Sprague; Bob Peters, Tribal Council Treasurer; Ed Pigeon, Vice Chairman; Phyllis Davis, Tribal Council member; Jody Palmer, Tribal Council member; Jennie Heeren, Tribal Council member.

Published August 16, 2017

Tribe’s Donation was not required under Local Revenue Sharing Agreement     

BRADLEY, MICHIGAN – Today, the Gun Lake Tribe (Tribe) presented Hopkins Public Schools with a financial gift of $93,040 for the purchase of computer technology for the advancement of student learning.  At a check presentation this morning the Gun Lake Tribe’s Tribal Council was joined by Hopkins school administrators who remarked on the benefits this gift will provide for the district.

“On behalf of the Tribe, it is our pleasure to assist the students, families and faculty of Hopkins Public Schools by making a financial gift in the amount of $93,040,” said Scott Sprague, Chairman of the Gun Lake Tribe.  “With this gift we build upon a great relationship with the school district that has been established over generations.”

Today the Tribe was represented by Chairman Scott Sprague; Vice Chairman Ed Pigeon and Secretary Jeff Martin, both of whom graduated from Hopkins Public Schools.  Also in attendance was Tribal Council members Bob Peters (Treasurer), Phyllis Davis, Jennie Heeren (Hopkins graduate), and Jody Palmer.  Participating on behalf of the school district was principals Scott VanBonn and Amy Mielke, and School Board member Ben Brenner.

“On behalf of Hopkins Public Schools, we would like to thank the Gun Lake Tribe for their partnership and financial generosity,” said Scott VanBonn, Hopkins Elementary Principal.  “With this gift, Hopkins Public Schools will be purchasing 10 iPads for every Kindergarten, first and second grade classroom, as well as three mobile carts of Chromebooks for our third, fourth and fifth grade students.  This technology will help the students of Hopkins become better equipped to develop the necessary technology skills needed in today’s highly technical society.”

The financial gift from the Tribe to Hopkins Schools was not required as part of the tribal-state compact agreement and local revenue sharing distribution.  Hopkins Schools is not party to the local revenue sharing bylaws and therefore does not receive funds from the local revenue sharing board.

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