Go or Not to Go: Writing about College and Its Benefits

Published January 22, 2019

Why do we have to pay thousands of dollars for a college education while most of the information we learn during your college life can be found on the Internet for free? Now, this point of view sort of misses out on the real opportunities that are in college. In this article, we will prove you that.

College Is Not About Getting Information

Today, universities and colleges are not so much about acquiring information, they are about meeting people, developing really important personal skills, engaging in all kinds of special projects, and doing an internship where you can see how things work in the organization.

In here, you will acquire valuable skills, such as communication, language, presentations, critical thinking, research. College dropouts indeed will tell you all that you can find all the information on the Internet and you do not need a teacher or books. After all, there is a great service for writing cheap dissertations. Of course, you can Google all day to find more information than you can ever absorb in your lifetime but what you learn in college is to develop a critical mindset. It will enable you to distinguish poor information from the rich one so that it will become real knowledge.

The Learning Process

Together with your fellow students and your teachers you will be trained to learn how to think from a scientific point of view. It is something you really cannot accomplish on your own sitting behind the keyboard. College and university are the exact places all over the world that were designed and conceived to help you get through that learning process.

Understanding the World

The college will give you a better understanding of the world we live in by explaining our point of view in discussion groups and listening to others with a different perspective. Seeing their responses in real life will make you understand what other people come from and why they believe what they believe. You will meet people who can become friends or colleagues for the rest of your life. By working together during all kinds of projects, you create a special bond, a connection that can last forever.

Start a Network

It will definitely open up network opportunities. At every university or college, there are clubs, unions, societies, etc. which are there all with one purpose, and that is to benefit their members. Through these organizations, you are able to meet the best in the industry. You can get huge discounts on software, for example, and participate in seminars for free. To put it simply, you will be a part of that network of opportunities.

You will engage in all kinds of unique projects such as events and foreign study trips. You can travel all over the world in stuff that you have never experienced before and that you will never forget.

Improve your Chances on a Job

There are so many jobless people without a university or college degree. Statistically, if you receive a college education, you will earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more than if you did not graduate. College helps your financial future. Some people say: “Money does not make you happy, happiness is inside you”. Well, to a certain extent that is true but with a big twist. How many people do you know are unhappy because they have money?

Find Your Own Path

In life, you should only be doing two things – discovering what your passion is and realizing it. So, if you know what you want to do, if you are convinced that is where you want to be in life and that trajectory does not necessitate a college – then skip it. Chances are you do not know and your responsibility is to figure that out. The college is one of the best places and environments you can be in to figure out what your calling is in life.

Reinvent Yourself

No one needs to know that you were the weird girl who was sitting in the back of class chewing her hair. College is the time to experiment with procrastination. You are really going to learn how to work under pressure. College is a great way to test what it is like to live in the “real world”.

What About College Dropouts?

Should you go to college? It is one of those life decisions that make a huge difference over time. Is our post-secondary system a little broken? Sure. But does that mean it is not valuable? You should be careful with that answer.

People become critical because they can’t draw a straight line between college and the job they want or the business they dream of starting. But when does life ever work in straight lines? Sometimes reading between the line is more important.

Let us assume you are thinking about starting a business, investing your time, money and energy somewhere else. So, you feel like you need to make a choice – go to college, take an obvious route, or start to pour your dreams into something else? My take – do both. Start a race and let one win. If you stay focused on your ultimate goal, college won’t slow you down. Instead, when life proves it does not happen in straight lines, you will be ready because you have been reading between the lines for years.

Many people think college has lost its value. You have probably watched a video that features snippets from billionaire’s lives like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg who are the perfect examples of dropouts. But here is the thing, we forget that Elon Musk has two Bachelor Degrees and when he was 24, he was working on his Ph.D. in Stanford and Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dorm. He did not choose to leave college, he just happened to build Facebook and it made him leave. Bill Gates also went to Harvard where he met another student, Steve Ballmer. Sure, Gates dropped out, but what are these stories have in common? These incredibly successful people did both – they went to university and pursued their interests. That is why college is something you do not want to give up.

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