George Washington University Admits NTU Student into Its Native American Leadership Program

Leslie Tsosie

Published February 20, 2019

CROWNPOINT, N.M. — Leslie Tsosie, who earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Diné Culture, Language and Leadership from NTU in December, was accepted into George Washington University’s Native American Leadership Program for the 2019 spring semester in Washington, DC. The program is offered under the American Indian College Fund (AICF) and provides American Indian, Alaska Native, and Hawaiian Native students with the opportunity to study the public policy decision-making process, governmental functions, and politics in a democratic society.

“I’ve been a recipient of the AICF scholarship since I’ve began the program here at NTU. A representative came to present the opportunity and I agreed to apply, and then received a congratulations letter,” said Tsosie of Standing Rock, NM, who has also attended New Hampshire College and University of Michigan under similar scholarship programs in the past. “The courses in leadership are more what I’m focused on because it will help me to better understand how I can contribute in a leadership role on the Navajo Nation.”

Tsosie is taking courses at George Washington University that focus in leadership, which she intends to leverage into a leadership role on the Navajo Nation. Included with the opportunity, Tsosie will be provided an additional week to study and learn more about U.S. political leadership. Upon return from Washington, Tsosie expects to return to Navajo Technical University for the 2019 fall semester to begin her graduate program in Diné Culture, Language and Leadership.

“Leslie is an outstanding student who demonstrates the highest level of commitment to her goals. I’m very grateful for the multiple opportunities provided, and I know she will do a remarkable job there,” said Dr. Wesley Thomas, Dean of School of NTU’s Graduate Studies & Research. He added, “Our Diné Studies program has taken positive strides and is being refined in its field.”

Tsosie has a long list of accomplishments to her name, including serving as a member of NTU’s National Technical Honor Society chapter. She also has been a mainstay on NTU’s President’s and Dean’s list since 2016. Prior to coming to NTU, Tsosie also was a member of the American Business League and served as the American Indian Higher Education Consortium’s Southwest Student Representative. She also served as a program assistant and intern at the Native American Women’s Rsource Center/Civil Liberties and Public Policies.

Navajo Technical University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree in Diné Culture, Language and Leadership. To learn more about the program, contact advisor Dr. Henry Fowler, Department Chair, at hfowler@nav

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