Game On: Tribes v. Oil Pipeline – 10 More Arrests on Monday

Screenshot of video by Red Dawn Foster

Screenshot of video by Red Dawn Foster

Published August 16, 2016

CANNONBALL, NORTH DAKOTA – If the big oil thinks American Indians are backing down, they may have to think again.

Since last Thursday, each day the number of protesters against the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline has increased. On Monday, an estimated 500 people were on hand to show support.

Protesting the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline. Photo by Darren Thompson

Protesting the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline. Photo by Darren Thompson

American Indians on horseback were on hand circle around law enforcement. The message is clear: American Indians are angry about the total disregard non-Natives have about bringing oil close to their tribal lands as if American Indians health and welfare does not matter.

It is if there has been an announcement: Game on!


Representing from Cheyenne River Sioux. Photo by Darren Thompson

Representing from Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. Photo by Darren Thompson

For the tribes, it is a culmination of threats made by big oil that has sought to infringe on tribal lands in the Dakotas for years. Tribes are worried about ruptures of the oil pipelines that will contaminate their water supplies.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II, who was arrested last Friday, issued this “Call to Action” on Monday:

Call to Action of Indigenous People’s

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe stands in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline as it threatens our way of life, our water, people and land. To all Native American Tribes in U.S. and to all Indigenous Peoples of the world: we kindly ask for your support. Please stand with Standing Rock by issuing proclamations, resolutions, and/or letters of support, which may be e-mailed to Steve Sitting Bear at More details of our fight are available at www.standingrock.organd also at


Dave Archambault II
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe


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