From the Editor


From the Editor

The Native News Online was launched on Monday, November 4, 2013.

The name Native News Online reflects the purpose and goal: To provide online news about and for American Indians, Alaska Natives and First Nations people.

Up until recently, I served as the editor of the Native News Network, which I helped to co-found in February 2011 with the intention of becoming a strong voice among and for Native people. Since then I have traveled Indian country to report events. I have met many people who have become my friends and have assisted me tremendously.

While the Native News Network publication was highly successful in attracting a dedicated readership base among Native people and non-Natives alike, the business model proved to be a challenge financially.

The Native News Online has been formatted to provide current news impacting the Native lives in a user-friendly style. The format was also selected to attract advertisers who want to reach a Native audience. As the Native News Online website is further developed, there will be pages for employment (want ads) and death notices.

The success of this website depends on interaction from its readership base. Please feel free to email me any suggestions to improve our reporting and the website.

Through the Native News Online, I will continue my commitment to provide accurate, consistent and timely reporting about the Native community to improve lives for this and future generations of Native people.

Your dedicated readership is very much appreciated. Please spread the word about the Native News Online.

Levi Rickert

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