Five Things You Didn’t Know About Muscle Growth

Published August 4, 2018

When you visit the gym, everyone will tell you one thing – that it takes lots of dedication and time to build muscle and strength. Unfortunately, gym rats rarely tell you about the importance of dedicating yourself to recovery when your body needs it. Many people want to gain perfect muscles as quickly as possible, without thinking about what else muscles need to maintain themselves.

There is so much high-tech equipment and machinery that swears building muscle can be done this or that way, but they will drain you of money and effort before you realize it! When it comes down to muscle gaining, sometimes basic and simple workouts will work best for you, and many people forget the basic things in muscle gaining which are the very important tools that assist you in getting the perfect body with minimal stress.

Some people use testosterone supplements to get an attractive body and muscles, which helps kick up your workout to the next level. But first you need to learn basic facts about muscle growth before you jump in head-first to a new workout routine. With the information below, you will be able to make more informed choices about your workout, which will make it easier and more fun for you to grow muscle and look your best.

  1. Consistency is required. Most people who fail to develop proper muscle simply because they are not consistent with their workouts. For solid muscle growth, you need to workout at least a few days a week for a long period of time – not weeks, but months. Don’t get frustrated if you’re not immediately getting the results that you expected. Keep up your workouts with some testosterone supplements for more visible results.


  1. If you have a leaner body, you will get better results. Don’t make a mistake by thinking that if you have more fat, it will easily turn into muscle. The fact is that more body fat means less muscle, so before moving into muscle-gaining workouts, you must first reduce your fat levels by eating lean and healthy foods like legumes, vegetables, and lean proteins.


  1. There is no such thing as a unique workout program. There are no such magic programs which will create muscles instantaneously. Most of these programs carry the same workout methods as all the others, just with a different name. Focus on a good diet and testosterone supplements, and choose the program that is basic and known for creating success.


  1. Boost the leucine levels. The factor that influences the muscle gaining process the most is protein synthesis which is motivated by leucine. You can consume whey protein shakes of 25g which offers 2.5g of leucine. This is imperative if you’re looking to gain muscle quickly.


  1. Stress can affect the muscles. Stress is very harmful to the body in a number of different ways, but especially if you’re trying to gain muscle. Cortisol is the stress hormone and it’s also termed as catabolic. If the body produces more cortisol, it can harm your muscles. Find different ways to keep yourself de-stressed in order to keep the cortisol level low. This can include meditation, yoga, massages, or relaxing baths in the evening.

Apart from the workout, don’t forget about your supplements intake level. For example, testosterone supplements help you by enhancing the body’s power to carry out the different workout. Try to include some new workouts after some months if you feel you’re not getting the results you’re after. Also consult your physician before trying any new supplement.

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