Fatal Shooting of Lakota Man by Rapid City Police Officer Called “Suicide by Cop”

Allen Locke, 30, was killed by Rapid City police officer on December 20, 2014,  who fired five shots

Allen Locke, 30, was killed by Rapid City police officer on December 20, 2014, who fired five shots

RAPID CITY—The shooting to death of Allen Locke, a 30-year-old American Indian man, by Rapid City Police Officer Anthony Meirsose on December 22, 2014 was deemed justified in a report issued by the South Dakota attorney general’s office on Friday.

After the report was released, Rapid City Police Chief Karl called the incident a clear incident of ‘suicide by cop.’

The report was a summary of an investigation that was conducted by the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation after the fatal shooting.

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“It is the conclusion of this report and the attorney general that Officer Anthony Meirose was justified in firing his weapon and using lethal force,” Attorney General Marty Jackley said.

Locke, who had attended the #NativeLivesMatter march and rally on the day before his death, was shot five times by Officer Meirose.

Officer Meirose responded to a dispatch to have an unwanted person removed from a residence at the Lakota Community Homes, a sub-division in northern Rapid City.

The report reads in part:

“Officer Meirose made contact with a female inside the residence, who pointed out a male subject sitting on the kitchen floor. The male subject was identified as Allen Locke. The female told Officer Meirose that Locke was intoxicated, and she did not want Locke at the residence any longer. 

Officer Meirose observed Locke stand up. Officer Meirose could see that Locke was holding something in his hand that he recognized as a kitchen steak knife. As Locke stood up, Locke stated, “It’s a good day to die.” 

Locke began advancing toward Officer Meirose. Officer Meirose drew his duty handgun and ordered Locke to drop the knife several times. Locke ignored Officer Meirose’s commands and positioned himself in a fighting stance and threatening manner.  Locke continued to advance at Officer Meirose with the knife raised. Officer Meirose fired his handgun 5 times, striking Locke. 

A short time later, several other officers arrived on scene and began first aid on Locke until EMS arrived. Locke was later pronounced dead at the Rapid City Regional Hospital. Officer Meirose was not injured during this altercation.”

Calls to Locke’s family for its reaction to Friday’s report were not returned to Native News Online by press time.

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