Faced with Lawsuit, Housing Developer Denies Desecrating American Indian Human Remains

Published July 22, 2018

CONCORD, Calif. — A California company, Seecon Financial & Construction, says it will “vigorously defend itself” after a Yolo District Attorney’s Office filed a lawsuit against it that alleges the company, along with two other companies, disturbed the human remains of American Indians buried at a housing development in West Sacratmento, California.

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The lawsuit was filed on July 12 with claims Seecon Financial & Constructio, which owns the Newport Estates housing development, was negligent in its handling of human remains that were distrupted in October 2015 after knowing that the site contained

“None of the remains were removed from the site and nothing was desecrated,” Seecon Financial & Construction writes in its defense in a press release emailed to Native News Online on Friday.

In further defense, Seecon Financial & Construction, the press release continues:

“Upon discovery of the skeletal remains, the company retained one of California’s top archaeologists, and, for almost three years now, has worked closely with the Yocha Dehe (Nation), identified as the most likely descendant,” Parson’s states. “All discovered remains have been respectfully removed under the supervision of the Yocha Dehe and the archaeological firm, and those remains are being analyzed, at significant cost to the company, by a team of archaeologists prior to their respectful re-internment as requested by the Yocha Dehe. Despite no obligation to do so, the company is paying for tribal monitors and a team of archaeologists to monitor all ongoing earth moving activities, and also is funding a comprehensive analysis of the remains.”

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