Facebook Page Created to Push for Sherman Alexie to Fill Stephen Colbert’s Seat


Is Sherman Alexie ready for prime time?

Is Sherman Alexie ready for prime time?

The news came early this week David Letterman was leaving CBS’ “The Late Show” sometime in 2015. It did not take CBS long to announce Stephen Colbert would be Letterman’s replacement, which leaves a seat open to host the “The Daily Show.”

David Letterman retiring in 2015

David Letterman retiring in 2015

By Friday, the  “Comedy Central should hire Sherman Alexie to replace Colbert” page was created on Facebook.

Alexie has all the talents required of a television host and more. He is one of the most gifted contemporary American Indian storytellers. His works include novels, films, short-stories and poetry.

Stephen ColbertAmong his most recognizable works  is “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,” which won the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature in 2007 and was on the “New York Times” best-seller list. He also wrote the film “Smoke Signals.”

Beyond his writing skills, he has a knack for comedy. In 1998, Alexie appeared on PBS’ News Hour for “A Dialogue on Race with President Clinton.” He had President Clinton laughing so much, the president said: “You are funny!”

The “Comedy Central should hire Sherman Alexie to replace Colbert” Facebook page was created by long-time journalist Mark Trahant, who penned the following on the page:

The big news in television is that Stephen Colbert will succeed David Letterman as host of “The Late Show.” It’s a huge for Colbert, CBS, and for popular culture. 

But what about the time slot following The Daily Show?

Sherman Alexie would be the perfect host of a news, comedy show. Think about what he could bring to Comedy Central: Intelligence, youth, hipness, banned books, irreverence, stories from Indian Country, passion, and being funny. Everything you need for a hit TV show.

Alexie already rocked that audience twice with his appearances on the Colbert Show (during one episode is hard to remember who was the host because Alexie took over the interview.) He’s a storyteller who knows how to grab and audience. As a Los Angeles Times writer once described Alexie’s performance: “Fans are known to walk away from Alexie’s book signings gasping for air, wiping their eyes.”

alexie-sherman (1)What about calling the show, “The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time News Host?”

Could Indian Country make this happen? Could we let Comedy Central, and the world, know just how funny and smart Alexie is? Why not? All we need to do is to stir up the world of social media, generating hundreds of thousands of tweets and likes from would-be-viewers.

So how about it, Comedy Central? Hashtag #MakeAlexieNextHost

So the question is: “Is Sherman Alexie ready for prime-time?” Go to the Facebook page and voice your opinion on whether or not Alexie should replace Colbert:



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