“Extraordinary Artwork” Exhibit Opens Feb. 9th at the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian with a Public Tour at 2:30 pm.

John Nietro painting

Published Februay 8, 2019

EVANSTON, Ill. — “Extraordinary Artwork” reveals twenty-six new pieces from some of the top Native American artists across the country including John Nieto (Navajo), Neil David Sr. (Hopi), Woody Crumbo (Potawatomi), Chris Pappan (Osage), Rachel Namingha Nampeyo (Hopi/Tewa), and many more. Join the museum at 2:30 pm on February 9th for an opening tour by Joseph Gackstetter and learn more about the lives and artwork of these extraordinary American Indian artists.

Rachel Namingha Nampeyo pottery

Seventeen of the new pieces on display are new acquisitions adding significant stories to the museum’s collection of 10,000 pieces of American Indian art and material culture. “The museum is fortunate to receive incredible artwork from donors across the country,” says the museum’s executive director, Kathleen McDonald. “While we cannot accept everything offered, when we received an email inquiring whether we would be interested in a John Nieto painting, we jumped on it right away. We knew we had to share this with the public and decided to rearrange several pieces in the museum’s permanent exhibit to accommodate the 60 x 48” painting. From there the exhibit grew to incorporate new donations of a Cochiti pottery figure, old-style dance bustle, and silver jewelry, as well as, adding significant artwork from the museum’s collection including five Cape Dorset prints.

The Mitchell Museum is one of only a handful of museums in the country that focuses exclusively on the art, history, culture, and current events of American Indian and First Nation peoples throughout the United States and Canada. The Mitchell Museum won the top Superior award by the Illinois Association of Museums in 2017 and 2012, was named “Best Museum of the North Shore: Up and Comer” by Make It Better magazine in 2012, and was named a national finalist by the American Association of State and Local History award program.

Santee Sioiux moccasins

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