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Published February 24, 2019

Eve Erin Crowell
November 4, 1974-February 24, 2005

On this day, February 24, fourteen years ago, we lost our beautiful daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend and colleague, Eve Erin Crowell. She was 30 years old. To all of us who knew and loved her, she remains in our hearts today.

To say that Eve was a treasure is an understatement. Eve was a beautiful and accomplished young woman. She had a big, bold personality, her laugh was infectious, and she brought much joy to many. She was unforgettable.

In spite of Eve’s considerable successes and outward appearances she fought a long and hard battle against many shadows and demons. She was such a great actress that many who knew her never realized the depths of her suffering and anguish.

The Death of a Child

The death of a child is devastating. It is hard to imagine that you can survive without them for even one year, let alone fourteen.

But, it does not take long to realize that the experience is not a unique one and millions of parents have had their children die, long before they should have.

The reality of this life is that “anything bad can happen to anyone at any time, but you just never think it is going to happen to you.” You life is changed forever in a second and it will never be the way it was before.

Somehow, in a large part through the kind support of loving friends and family, former colleagues of Eve’s, and even caring strangers who learned of her from others, we have survived Eve’s death. Their support has also helped  us to channel our grief into action by creating  a non-profit organization in Eve’s memory—Eve’s Fund for Native American Health Initiatives.

As a rule, parents think of their children as their most important legacy. But when your child precedes you in death, by keeping their memory alive, you will become their legacy.

Eve’s Fund is Eve’s legacy and her memory lives every day in the literacy, injury prevention and education programs we have created for Native American youth. Eve believed in an equitable and just society for everyone on the planet. We know that she would be proud of our efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of at-risk children and teens.

How You Can Remember Eve

In memory of Eve, on the fourteenth anniversary of her death, we hope you will remember her by visiting the links provided below. Even if you never met her, please see a way to recognize her life and her legacy which is Eve’s Fund for Native American Health Initiatives.

Here are some things you can do to remember her today.

      Donate to Eve’s Fund in her memory


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