Enough Already! Fight Back Against the Epidemic of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: A Self-Defense & Sister Honoring Movement

Guest Commentary

Published February 20, 2019

The #MMIWarriors Movement and Self-Defense Classes are part of a Call-to-Action for all people impacted by or working to reverse the targeting of Indigenous Women and Girls across the United States and Canada. The Call-to-Action is a fun yet serious challenge that aims to bring attention to the disproportionate level of violence we experience every day as Indigenous People. We envision all Native Women and Girls to be trained in self-defense. If we are all trained to defend ourselves, we are less likely to be abducted, and predators will start to realize we are no longer easy targets. Our Brothers can show support and solidarity too!

Source: Urban Indian Health Institute’s “Missing and Murdered Women & Girls” Report 

The Simple 4-Part Challenge:

1) Team up with a friend and attend a local self-defense class. (Most cities or towns have preexisting classes available. Phoenix, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Seattle, Missoula etc.) If none exist, organize one!

2) Go live or record a video of you giving your best LuLu or War Whoop. (10 seconds or less)

3) Share your video on social media! In the caption write who your video honors and challenge all your friends! Your friends have 48 hours to post their videos.

4) Attend another class or find a new location lulu/war whoop and challenge more friends!

If you don’t have access to a class, or are waiting for one to be organized, you can still show solidarity!

Souta Calling Last

Record your video anywhere – outdoors, downtown, or where she was last seen or found.

Example Video Caption:

“I __(your name)_____would like to remember and honor ___(native sister)_____with a lulu/war whoop to bring attention to their part in the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. I also promise to protect a sister if I see she is in need. I challenge ___(all my friends!)__ to do the same”

#MMIWarriors #MMIW #NoMoreStolenSisters

Souta Calling Last, MIM (Blackfeet/Blood) holds a Bachelors in  Environmental Studies-Water Resources and Master’s degree in Innovative Leadership & Change Management. She formed the national educational nonprofit called Indigenous Vision. As Executive Director, she guides a team who offer educational workshops in environmental and social issues, from which they have created a interactive map database. The organization offers workforce development training like Cultural Humility for creating a safe space for addressing inequality.


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