Diné family honors son by offering support at Standing Rock

Published October 16, 2016

STANDING ROCK INDIAN RESERVATION – Since the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s fight against the Dakota Access pipeline grew, thousands of American Indians from over 300 tribes have come to the encampment near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation to show solidarity.

For some, coming to Standing Rock means more. Louise B. Wilson and her family came to honor her son after he survived a devastating life changing accident. He remained in critical condition and remains in medical recovery. Wilson stated the family was so grateful for his survival, they decided to help other Native people however they could. Their focus became generous donation of time and supplies from their home in Page, Arizona. Their tragedy evolved into a journey of humanity to Standing Rock.

Wilson’s daughter, Jannalee Atcitty, former Miss Navajo 2004-2005, Diné from the Navajo Nation, of the “Coyote Pass Clan” (Ma’iideeshgiizhnii), born for the Towering House Clan (Kinyaa’aanii),  pointed out the hypocrisy of land in trust. She stated: In trust for who? when? they are trying to make us extinct, to end our story, so what is the land trust and who should we trust?”


Jannalee Atcitty, Amiya Smith, Louise Wilson, Sylvia Atcitty.


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