Dennis Banks Asking for Assistance for “War on Diabetes” Motorcyle Run

Dennis Banks wants to reverse diabetes among Amerian Indians.

Dennis Banks wants to reverse diabetes among Amerian Indians.

LEECH LAKE BAND OF OJIBWE TERRITORIES – Dennis Banks, 77, a cofounder of the American Indian Movement, is seeking state coordinators to organize activities associated with the 18,000 mile “Declare War on Diabetes” motorcycle run across America.

The motorcycle run will have four staring locations in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego on August 23 with the final destination of the nation’s capital, Washington, DC on September 27, 2014.

There will be a 1,000 drum concert in the nation’s capital.

“Diabetes is at an epidemic state in Indian country and must be halted,”said Banks, who was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago and has reversed his diabetes through a strong diet.

Throughout the various routes across America, motorcyclists will stop at various American Indian reservations and communities as they journey to Washington.

Once in Washington, the group will visit members of Congress and present them with a national diabetes policy, according to Banks.

This will be the second endeavor by Banks to draw attention to the ill-effects of diabetes in Indian country. In 2011, he led the “Longest Walk 3 – Reversing Diabetes” that took the long walkers to 72 American Indian reservations and communities before they arrived in Washington.

“If we don’t address this medical issue now, there will no one in the seventh generation who will be healthy and if we don’t take action now to stop diabetes, they will condemn this generation,” said Banks.

The Nowa Institute released the announcement so that tribes and others who want to be part of the pre-planning of this historic motorcycle run can do so now.

We are asking people of interest to aid in this “War on Diabetes.” said Banks.

Those interested in assisting and supplying diabetes materials may email Goody Cloud at  218- 556-8429 or email:


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