Democrat Doug Jones Wins Senate Seat; Defeats Accused Pedophile and Man who Longs for Slavery

Senator-elect Doug Jones (D – Alabama)

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Published December 12, 2017

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA – In a Senate race plagued by a weak GOP candidate, Democrat Doug Jones was elected the next U.S. senator from Alabama. Senator-elect defeated Roy Moore, who face sexual abuse allegations that involved him allegedly molesting a 14-year-old girl decades ago.

Last week, in a September 2017 Los Angeles Times article  Moore refers to American Indians and Asian Americans as “reds and yellows.” In the same article, Moore said the felt the last time America was “great” was during slavery.

The victory is a stunning victory for Democrats because Alabama has voted Republican for its Senate seats for the past two decades. Exit polls showed Trump has lost his hold on his base in the state.

The special election was needed because U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions resigned his senate seat to become the attorney general.

Senator-elect Jones will be sworn in during the first week of January 2018.



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