Delegate Phelps Joins Leupp Community in Honoring Women Veterans

Council Delegate Walter Phelps
recognizing Heather Williams of the U.S. Army during the Veterans Day Celebration at Leupp Chapter on Nov. 3, 2018.

Published November 7, 2018

LEUPP, Ariz.  On Saturday, Navajo Nation Council Delegate Walter Phelps (Cameron, Coalmine Canyon, Leupp, Tolani Lake, Tsidi To ii) and Council Delegate Tom Chee (Shiprock) attended a Veteran’s Day celebration hosted by the Leupp Chapter, in honor of women veterans from Leupp and surrounding communities.

Delegate Phelps, who represents the community of Leupp as a member of the Navajo Nation Council, said the honorable service, strength, and resiliency of women veterans need to be recognized and commended throughout the Navajo Nation.

“The Navajo Nation needs to increase awareness of women veterans. They have proven that they have the resiliency and inspiration as male veterans in the times of conflict and they played a major role in our nation’s history. They are the leaders of our homes, communities, and the public sector,” stated Delegate Phelps.

During the celebration, community leaders recognized and honored the following women veterans, who are also members of the American Legion “Curtis-Huskon” Post 112 of Leupp, Ariz:

·       Karla Curley –U.S. Army

·       Mary Iron – U.S. Army

·       Tara Love – U.S. Army

·       Heather Williams – U.S. Army

·       Marilyn Loucks – U.S. Army

·       Jacqueline Kelly – U.S. Army

·       Jackie Benally – U.S. Marine Corps

·       Cherise Harry – U.S. Army

·       Jessica Begay – U.S. Army

·       Liranda Friday – U.S. Marine Corps

·       Sandra Wilson –U.S. Army

Delegate Phelps helped pin recognition medals of the women veterans and also participated in a parade near the chapter following the pinning ceremony.

Delegate Chee stated that women veterans have served with honor and distinction in the military to protect the freedom of the nation through sacrifice and they deserve equal recognition.

“Our Navajo women warriors need to be treated with the same dignity and respect as male veterans. The Veterans Administration, community leaders, and policy makers need to advocate for women veterans. Overall, continue to pray for our women warriors and their families, because they face the same challenges and obstacles as any other veteran,” said Delegate Chee.

Also in attendance was Navajo Nation Vice President Jonathan Nez, Coconino County District 4 supervisor Jim Parks, and Navajo Nation Veterans Administration interim director Ryan Sandoval.

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