David Letterman on Washington NFL Name: “Haven’t They Have Suffered Enough?…Change the Name”

David Letterman: "Change the Name!"

David Letterman: “Change the Name!”

NEW YORK — David Letterman, the long-time host of CBS’ “Late Show” has weighed on American Indians’ call to have the name of the Washington NFL team change its name.

Letterman, during a comedic skit last week aired on CBS, suggested short of an actual name change,  said the “genius” thing to do is simply change the photo to a redskin potato. He said nickname for the team could be a “spud.”

Redskins potatoes are not offensive to American Indians.

It is not quite certain is why during the dialouge on the name change, Letterman referred to Dan Snyder, the co-owner of the Washington NFL team, as Dan Synderman.

While the suggested logo – photo – change has circulated in cartoons before, Letterman takes the issue to a higher level simply by lending his name to the issue important to American Indians throughout Indian Country.

Here is what Letterman said about the real issue about changing the name:

“Indigenous people of America believe that the term R*dskins is offensive,” he said. “Now, I myself — not being an indigenous, but know enough about what the white man did to the indigenous people — I’m with the American Indians.”

“If they find this offensive, by God so do I! Haven’t they suffered enough? I mean, it’s one indignity after another, and for the love of God, if this is any small measure — and it’s impossible to set the balance accurately — but if this makes anyone feel better about who and what they are, by God, do it, change the name. Change the name. There’s a million names. ”

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