Dakota 38+2 Memorial Riders Take Day to Have a Wacipi (Powwow)

In the dance circle

In the dance circle

MORTON, MINNESOTA — It was called a day of rest for the riders of this year’s Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride. They may have rested from the actual ride from South Dakota into Minnesota, but the riders celebrated their American Indian culture and traditions as they danced at wacipi, most commonly known in Indian country as a powwow.

It was a day filled with celebration of family and friends as they discussed the significance of why they are riding in the Memorial Ride.

Speaker after speaker spoke of the purpose of reconciliation .

Dancers came to Remember the Dakota 38+2

Dancers came to Remember the Dakota 38+2

“We just thought it is important to celebrate through a wacipi.” said Perry Little, the Memorial Ride’s eagle staff carrier.

“My family dances and many of the riders dance in wacipis all the time. To my knowledge, this is the first wacipi for the Memorial Ride. We wanted to change it up a little bit.”

The Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride began in 2005 to remember the 38 Dakota and two others were executed 151 years ago on December 26, 1862 on orders of President Abraham Lincoln, ironically, the freer of slaves.

Events such as the Memorial Ride require funds to feed the riders, others in their party and the horses.

To donate to the Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride,  go to www.dakotaindianfoundation.org, choose the Make a Donation tab. In the notes area write “For Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride 2013″

Please send cash or check donations to:
Any Wells Fargo Branch Should be able to deposit it for you.
Wells Fargo C/O Mankato Memorial Riders of Crow Creek
201 South Main Street
Chamberlain, South Dakota 57325
Tel: 605-734-6001

PHOTOS Courtesy: Peg Furshong

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