Cultural Appropriation in Fashion: Urges People to Support Culture

cultural-appreciation-01Teen Vogue released a daring campaign that addresses the issue of cultural appropriation and offers insight on how to support the culture behind the fashion

Published June 2, 2016

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA — In a recent campaign to shine awareness on the issue of cultural appropriation in the fashion community, Teen Vogue released a video that embraces cultural appreciation instead. In a world that continues to advertise, borrow, and berate cultures to sell products, it becomes increasingly important to appreciate these cultures that have inspired and created the films, books, fashion designs, and everything else people love about a culture. knows that part of appreciating a group of people, is understanding that culture is not defined by one aspect of its history.

One of the women that contributed to Teen Vogue’s video, Daunnette Reyome, gave some passionate remarks about companies and television shows that appropriate Native American culture, without knowing the meaning or significance behind it.

“When I see people in headdresses of Native American accessories, I feel disrespected. They don’t know the meaning behind it, how we wear it, or what we do to earn it,” says Daunnette Reyome. Perceives Cultural Appropriation as Dangerous

Spokesman for, Steven Onida, stated “Reyome brings up an important issue that many corporations seem to be missing when they advertise and appropriate another culture. To truly respect a culture, you must go to any length to understand the traditions and its people”. A long-time force in the Native American art community, represents artists from some of the largest tribes in the Southwest and brings their creations to the general public.

Both Raymond Begay and Ronnie Martinez’s work with jewelry is revolutionizing the industry and is honored to represent them and many more talented people. doesn’t simply take the style and art of a culture, but meets with these individuals and collaborates with their beliefs to bring their work to a massive audience. It’s in this understanding of art, culture, and commerce that helps cultural knowledge grow around the world, instead of stereotypes and misunderstandings. Respect is the only way cultural appropriation can be replaced with cultural appreciation. will continue to work with these great Native American artists to learn and grow with their culture in order to achieve a genuine understanding and hopefully set an example to stop disrespectful cultural appropriation.

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