Creative Blog Features Mock Cleveland Indians Logos that Highlight Racial Double Standards

Published July 6, 2019

LONDON  — On Thursday, Creative Blog, a blog that supplies digital and traditional artists, web designers, graphic designers, 3D and VFX artists and illustrators with current trends in design, published “Mock Cleveland Indians logos highlight racial double standards.”

The article states:

Many American Indians found Chief Wahoo to be a silly-looking caricature that did not represent American Indian culture well.

Chief Wahoo drew criticism for presenting a harmful racial stereotype of Native Americans. The problem was compounded when the Cleveland Indians were gifted the MLB All Star Game in exchange for retiring the logo design. For illustrator Jesse Alkire, this was an embarrassing move that prompted him to ask “why are we still okay with the Cleveland Indians brand?”

Alkire’s illustrations of other racial/ethnic groups are caricatures as silly as was Chief Wahoo.

“How are these logos any different from what Cleveland did for so long? The truth is they’re not,’says Alkire.

“We’re rightly outraged at racist depictions of Blacks, Asians, Jews, and others,” he adds, “but why are we somehow alright with bigotry towards Native Americans?”

“Looking at them all side-by-side, these should all be viewed with the same amount of scorn. One or a few of these are not worse than the others. You’re either outraged at all of them or none of them.”

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