Confrontation Taking Place at Camp Near Standing Rock between Land Protectors and Police

Police in riot gear prepare to remove land protectors. Photo from Facebook

Police in riot gear prepare to remove land protectors. Photo from Facebook

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Published October 27, 2016

CANNON BALL, NORTH DAKOTA – At this hour there is a confrontation taking place as North Dakota law enforcement are attempting to remove land protectors who are on the site to demonstrate against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline.

Hundreds of police  dressed in riot gear are on hand to remove the land protectors. Currently, police are confronting the new 1851 Treaty Camp. They are telling the land protectors they will be arrested if they do not leave. Law enforcement is displaying force; American Indians are not backing down.
Information has just been received that the North Dakota State police and National Guard have notified hospitals and emergency clinics to go into “pre-hospitalization” mode at Fort Rice, North Dakota.  Fort Rice is approximately 30 miles north of the Oceti Sakowin camp site. Police have also alerted hospitals in Minneapolis, Fargo, and Minot to also prepare for “pre-hospitalization”. This is a term that means they are to expect many patients in their emergency rooms in just a few days.
Information has been obtained that the state police have also been building cages for prisoner transport. This new assault is being planned for the front.
Nanette Deetz and Darren Thompson contributed to this report.



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