Columbus Out, Indigenous In out in Portland, Oregon

Native community members before Portland City Council. Photo by Jacqualine Keeler.

Native community members before Portland City Council. Photo by Jacqueline Keeler.

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Published October 7, 2015

PORTLAND, OREGON—Following a movement of other major U.S. cities across the nation, the Portland City Council voted on Wednesday to designate the second Monday of October as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” Portland is the state of Oregon’s largest city.

The resolution passed unanimously by the City Council honors the contributions of American Indians in Oregon.

“I took my kids to the City Council meeting to see this happen. I think it is important that they see that what Native people think matters to our elected officials. I think it matters they feel included and our peoples’ histories are part of the narrative their classmates learn,” stated Jacqueline Keeler, Dakota/Navajo writer/activist.

Minneapolis and Seattle approved similar resolutions in 2014.

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