CNN’s “Great Big Story” Features Eighth Generation, a Native-owned Business

Louie Gong

Published November 13, 2017

SEATTLEEighth Generation, a Native-owned business, that sells Native shoes, wool blankets and cell phone covers, among other Native art was featured on CNN’s “Great Big Story” last week.

Founded in 2008 by Louie Gong (Nooksack) is the first Native-owned company to ever produce wool blankets. Eighth Generation’s flagship retail store in located in Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market.

“There is a great demand for cultural art in today’s market, with everything from clothing to home goods and jewelry featuring Native American-inspired designs. Unfortunately, the majority of these products are counterfeit, using appropriated designs by non-Native artists. Now, Louie Gong is reclaiming his heritage through Eighth Generation, a company that merges the traditional works of Native artists with a modern aesthetic. ” – The Great Big Story


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