Christmas 2014: May Peace on Earth Become a Reality in Our Lives

PEACE Commentary

“Peace on Earth” is one of the tenets of the Christmas story.

You don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate this tenet. Peace should be a high goal of everyone. Peace within our families and peace in our communities should be a major goal as we journey to better lives.

Headlines out of Ferguson, Staten Island and now Rapid City make us keenly aware there is too much violence perpetrated against African Americans and American Indians by police officers. Violence –sadly—that has led to untimely deaths.

The Christmas theme of “Peace on Earth” should resonate in all of our lives throughout the year. The Ojibwe believe “to love is to know peace. You must love yourself in order to love another.”

Love and peace should go hand and hand in our daily lives — not just during the Christmas season.

As American Indians, Alaska Natives and First Nations people, we know there still is a struggle for many among us to have enough food to eat on an ongoing basis. We know it is difficult to heat our homes during the cold of winter.  We know there are still too many who lack the most basic health care and the most basic needs of life.

Christmas is a wonderful time to offer prayers for better lives for all.

Our prayers are that there will be PEACE ON EARTH! It still is a powerful message and can be achievable if we all did our part.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us at the Native News Online.

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