Chief Standing Bear and Family Violence Program kick-off Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Osage Nation Family Violence Program Director Olivia “Libbi” Gray sits with Osage Nation Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear while he signs a proclamation of support and awareness for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. The Family Violence Program is providing awareness assemblies for area schools and an aggressive social media campaign.

Published February 11, 2017

PAWHUSKA, OKLAHOMA February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM), a national campaign that creates awareness about the high rate of U.S. teens (one out of every three) who are impacted by physical, verbal, sexual and emotional abuse every year. The Osage Nation Family Violence Program (ONFVP) is actively supporting the campaign by sharing information online, getting information to schools and students, and by garnering support from Osage Nation leadership. On Monday, ONFVP Director Olivia “Libbi” Gray met with Osage Nation Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear to update him on awareness efforts from the Osage Nation and take photographs with the Chief signing a proclamation of support on behalf of the Osage Nation for TDVAM.

The proclamation states, “…by providing young Osage people with education about healthy relationships and relationship skills and by changing attitudes that support violence, we recognize that dating violence can be prevented…establishment of Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month will benefit young Osage people, their families, schools and communities…”

Chief Standing Bear has kept a busy schedule this New Year working on several initiatives for victim advocacy, prevention and awareness. He signed a proclamation of support in January for Stalking Awareness Month and he is scheduled to break ground on a new Osage Nation domestic violence women’s shelter in Pawhuska on Wednesday, Feb. 22, at 10 a.m.

The Family Violence Program encourages everyone to take part in TDVAM by sharing informative social media posts and reading about teen dating violence. For more information about supporting TDVAM awareness visit

For more information about TDVAM and the Osage Nation Family Violence Program, call (918) 287-5422, or visit

Osage Nation Family Violence Mission Statement

To empower those seeking our services with the tools they need to rebuild their lives and become the strong individuals they were created to be; to effect social change through outreach and education in order to put an end to intergenerational violence; and to partner with state, county, and tribal court systems and law enforcement to hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes.

24 Hour Crisis Hotline (866) 897-4747

Our Crisis line is answered 24 hours a day/7 days a week. If our Crisis Operator is on the line with another crisis call you will receive a call back within 15 minutes. Please be advised that for security reasons, the number appearing on your caller I.D. will be different than the crisis line number you called.

When the Crisis line is answered, you will merely hear “hello”. For your safety, the operator will not identify the line as a Family Violence Crisis line. If you ask the operator if you have called the crisis line, she will reply with, “May I help you?” This is to prevent batterers from checking your call log to find out if the call has been placed, which could put you in danger.

Shelter Services

The Osage Nation Family Violence Prevention Shelter is a 24-hour a day/7 day a week shelter for ALL victims of family/domestic violence. We have a three-bedroom home that can house up to 6 guests. Our shelter does allow the minor children (of all ages and genders) of our victims to accompany them during their stay. The shelter provides a communal living environment where victims of family/domestic violence may develop a sense of community with the other shelter guests as well as with our staff.

Shelter guests will be provided with a myriad of daily activities and outings designed to increase independent living capabilities and improve self-esteem as well as just have fun with the other guests.

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