Chief of Kwikwetiem First Nation Received Nearly $1 Million Last Year

Chief Ron Giesbrecht

Chief Ron Giesbrecht

COQUITLAM, BRITISH COLUMBIA—Eyebrows across First Nation communities across Canada are being raised with the disclosure Ron Giesbrecht, the chief of Kwikwetiem First Nation, was compensated last year nearly $1 million according to a financial disclosure released this week.

Canada’s new First Nation Financial Transparency Act requires that First Nation chiefs’ salaries to be posted publically online during the last week of July annually. The new requirement went into effect this past week.

Giesbrecht is listed as chief and economic development officer for the Kwikwetiem First Nation.

“We understand that seeing such a large number for the chief’s salary is disconcerting, but for the sake of clarity, we wish to break it down for you,” reads in part a news release issued by Kwikwetiem First Nation.

According to the disclosure released by the band, Giesbrecht was paid a base salary of $84,800 and received a $800,000 bonus. He was also paid $16,574 in expenses, which totals $914,219 in compensation.

The bonus was paid to Giesbrecht predicated on a percentage of profit generated as his role as economic development officer and his ability to retain income that comes into the band.

Giesbrecht signed a contract in April which no longer includes the bonus incentive.

The Kwikwetiem First Nation is a small band located in Coquitlam, British Columbia with only 81 registered members.

In the news release outlining the breakdown of his compensation issued by the band, Giesbrecht asked “that this statement speak for itself and will make no further comment.”

Giesbrecht term ends on April 15, 2015.

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