Chicago Tribune Reporter – Replace Chief Illiniwek with New Mascot: Keith Not-At-All-Woke

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Published September 16, 2018

CHICAGO — For eleven years, the University of Illinois has been without a mascot. Heeding insistence from the NCAA and years of protests by American Indians, the univeristy retired Chief Illiniwek in 2007. Still owning the trademarks to the chief’s name and image, the university deemed Illinois school groups could not officially use them.

The controversy surrounding the mascot has hung arounds since then.

Last year, the univeristy put in place a advisory committee to identify a new mascot.

The advisory committee has suggested “the university should ‘explore the possibility of new traditions that could include a mascot’ after a series of conversations with students, staff, faculty, alumni and others in the spring.”

On Friday, the Chicago Tribune publsihed a column by its contact reporter, Rex Huppke, who suggests the university “replace Chief Illiniwek with new Mascot: Keith Not-At-All-Woke.”

Huppke writes:

In keeping with the rhythm of Chief Illiniwek’s name, the mascot will be dubbed: Keith Not-At-All-Woke.

“Keith loves his university, and he REALLY loves sports! He’s not at all woke and doesn’t understand why his opinion on a culturally insensitive caricature of a Native American doesn’t trump the opinions of most actual Native Americans. His motto is: “IT’S A TRIBUTE! THEY JUST DON’T GET IT!””

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Huppke is wrong, most actual Native Americans don’t like mascots and don’t think American Indian mascots are a tribute.




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