Cherokee Nation Tribal Council Election Garners 33 Candidates

Published March 6, 2017

TAHLEQUAH — The Cherokee Nation Election Commission on Tuesday drew for ballot positions for the 33 candidates running for Tribal Council in June.

Nine of the 17 Tribal Council seats are up in the Cherokee Nation’s general election on June 3.

The candidates as they will appear on the ballot are as follows:

District 2: Cherokee County
• Freddie Ferrell
• Johnny Dewayne Hammer
• Leslie Hannah
• (I) Joe Byrd
• Claude Stover

District 4: Muskogee County
• Mike Dobbins
• Linda Sacks
• Teasie McCrary Jr.
• Sarah Cowett

District 5: Muskogee and Sequoyah counties
• E.O. Smith
• Dink Scott
• Uriah Grass

District 7: Adair County
• Clayton Harrington
• Virginia Holloway
• David Comingdeer
• (I) Frankie Hargis

District 9: Delaware and Mayes counties
• Edward Crawford
• Anthony Cochran
• Mike Shambaugh
• Clifton Hughes

District 11: Craig, Nowata and Mayes counties
• (I) Victoria Vazquez

District 10: Delaware, Mayes and Ottawa Counties
• Sharlyn Van House
• Brian Hartley
• (I) Harley Buzzard

District 15: Mayes and Rogers Counties
• Michelle Scarborough
• (I) Janees Taylor

• Rockne Miller
• Shane Jett
• Jay Neugin
• Mary Baker Shaw
• Linda Leaf Bolin
• Herbert Gootee
• Robin Mayes

To vote, Cherokee Nation citizens must be registered by March 31. Absentee ballot requests must be submitted by April 21. If a candidate in a race does not receive 50 percent plus one, the two candidates with the highest number of votes will proceed to a run-off election. If necessary, a run-off election will be held July 22.

For a map of voting precincts, voter registration forms and request for an absentee ballot, visit and click on Election Commission under the “Our Government” tab or call the Cherokee Nation Election Commission at 918-458-5899.

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