Cherokee Nation Tribal Council Approves Continuation of Membership in InterTribal Buffalo Council

The Cherokee Nation’s bison

Published October 24, 2017

TAHLEQUAH — Cherokee Nation Tribal Councilors approved a resolution Monday allowing the tribe to continue its voting representation with the InterTribal Buffalo Council.

Cherokee Nation’s bison herd in Delaware County has grown to 93 since the tribe first received 50 from national parks in North Dakota and South Dakota in 2014 with help from the ITBC. Tribes can only receive surplus bison from national parks if they are member tribes of the ITBC.

“The InterTribal Buffalo Council has been integral to the success of our bison herd and how we use it for cultural and historical lessons,” said Tribal Councilor Keith Austin, co-chair of Cherokee Nation’s Executive and Finance Committee. “Funding provided by ITBC also helps sustain the expanding herd on our 236-acre ranch in Kenwood.”

Since Cherokee Nation’s membership with ITBC in 2014, the tribe has also received about $160,000 for fencing, corrals and other equipment.

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