Cherokee Nation to Host 13th Annual Traditional Native Games in Nowata

Cornstalk shoot youth competition in 2017 during the 65th Cherokee National Holiday.

Published August 2, 2018

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — Cherokee Nation’s 13th annual Traditional Native Games competition continues Saturday, Aug. 11, at the No We Ta Community Center, located across from the Cooweescoowee Health Center in Nowata.

Competitions include a cornstalk shoot, Cherokee marbles, horseshoes and a blow gun, which all start at 10 a.m.; chunkey at 12:30 p.m.; and hatchet-throwing, which begins after the youth cornstalk shoot.

“All of our games are open to the public, and we encourage everyone to come and watch the action. Spectators and players will have a great time fellowshipping, and there is no cost to watch or to participate in the games,” said Competition Director Bayly Wright.

Participants are encouraged to pre-register. Coordinators for the Traditional Native Games competitions:

  • Cornstalk shoot: Brian Jackson, 918-316-4243
  • Cherokee marbles: Pam Bakke, 918-207-6562
  • Chunkey: Tonya Wapskineh, 918-453-5776
  • Horseshoes: Lisa Cookson, 918-458-1339
  • Blow gun: Choogie Kingfisher, 918-525-2344
  • Hatchet-throwing: George Lowe Sr., 479-200-5447

The top three finishers receive a T-shirt and a chance to compete in the Traditional Native Games Championship Saturday, Aug. 25 as part of the 66thCherokee National Holiday.

For even more detailed information, visit For questions or to sign up, contact Wright at 918-822-2427 or email

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