Cherokee Nation Office Solutions Becomes First Tribal Company to Join the Staples Advantage Program

Staple AdvantageCATOOSA, OKLAHOMA — Cherokee Nation Office Solutions has become the first tribally-owned company to join the Staples Advantage diversity program. Through the alliance, CNOS is expanding its line of innovative office product solutions and services to businesses throughout North America.

“This is a big win for our office solutions division,” said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker. “We are proud to be the company’s first supplier and partner that is a tribally owned business. We look forward to a long and mutually productive alliance with the Staples Corporation.”

The partnership offers the best possible solution for customers, giving them the small business relationship and one-on-one service they desire, while having access to the wide product assortment, e-commerce platform and next-day delivery provided by Staples Advantage.

“For a partnership to truly succeed there has to be a mutual understanding of the role and value each player brings to the table,” said Chris Moody, president of Cherokee Nation Industries. “Our relationship with Staples Advantage has allowed us to function as one company, and we’re now able expand into new markets, grow our business and provide greater support for the Cherokee Nation.”

CNOS has doubled both its customer and revenue bases as a result of the partnership, and there are no signs of slowing down. With a planned expansion to include print management services and promotional supplies, the company is becoming a true one-stop shop for top Fortune 500 companies seeking to achieve diversity goals.

“The Staples name and reputation make a big difference in the confidence that potential customers have in us,” says Tamara Brassfield, senior vice president of distribution services at Cherokee Nation Industries. “The product availability and delivery speed we’ve achieved through this partnership consistently exceed customer expectations.”

The company has plans to increase its presence in both corporate and government markets and aims to become the Native American supplier of choice within the next year.

Cherokee Nation Office Solutions provides a complete line of innovative office, technology and facility solutions products and services to businesses throughout North America. CNOS customers include Native American-owned businesses and government agencies across the U.S.

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