Black Friday Protest, Emeryville, CA on Shellmound Street – Shellmounds are Ohlone Graveyards

EMERYVILLE, CALIFORNIA – Shellmounds are graveyards. In 2000, the shellmound in Emeryville was dug up and a shopping center was placed on top of it.

On Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the beginning of holiday shopping season, Ohlone people who buried their ancestors in this  particular shellmound, joined with “Black Lives Matter” and concerned people of all races  to try and teach shoppers the facts of this sacred ground.

Singing sacred songs  led by the staff, protestors marched down Shellmound Street and joined others at a small park where they made a circle and prayed for the past, present, and future; together as one.

The Apaches who want to stop the proposed mining at Oak Flat came to support and sang some traditional songs.


Corrina Gould,Chochenyo/Karkin Ohlone opened the ceremony and circle explaining how when they first started working on this it was just her and a few relatives but through hard work and persistance, people are starting to wake up.



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