Bike and Car insurance –True Companion for Long Rides!

Published June 18, 2018

We all are busy in our daily routine and rushing to office, college, etc. through public transport is a problematic situation. This is because of overcrowded public transports which makes us tired and force us to think about investing in a private vehicle that will help us to commute daily easily. Because of over populated area it is not in easy to commute through public transport. Just think about it once, you have a big day in office and you have to present yourself as the best. For the same you put your best clothes with the best perfume just to get the desired confidence and  to look more professional but wait, after getting ready, how will it feel like to wait for the bus, or taxi and to bear all types of halts and people. Irritating, right. And after this, with which energy you will enter office for the big day or for your presentation. To cover the vast distance from your home to workplace, you have to own a vehicle whether a car or bike so that you can reach there with fresh mind and look as well. It will also save you from the hassles of public transport. Your personal vehicle -like car and bike can make unexpected and not so easy things possible in your life.

Car and Bike Insurance

Everyone dream of having a personal vehicle, some get satisfaction with bike and some look for car. But, it is true that the dream would not stop when you buy a vehicle. Its maintenance, timely polishing and washing is also not enough. You should look for completely safety of your vehicle that can protect that same from unwanted accidents and damages that take place on roads of India. And the best way of protecting your bike or car is to invest in a form of motor insurance. Basically it is mandatory to have vehicle insurance in India but you should not forget the benefits of the same as well which make it more attractive to have. An effective form of motor insurance will help you in getting the required coverage. A car and bike insurance policy protects your vehicle against any damage that may occur because of any unforeseen event such as an accident or natural disaster. And you can’t deny the fact that the roads of India are not good enough to travel with much needed safety. Vehicle insurance is a savior to deal with the worst situations.

Different forms of Bike and Car insurance

Bike Insurance

Nowadays, bike insurance is become a necessity of every middleclass family and even the youngsters of India love to own a good looking and super bike. The craze of bike is more among youngsters as they love it more than anything else and they do every possible thing to maintain their bikes in a good form. So, for them investing in a bike insurance is a must thing. It would offer the ideal cover against any unwanted event such as accident, theft or any natural disaster, earthquake etc. Basically, it offers the required coverage for all type of bikes that include personal, commercial, or mixed. Let your bike zoom on the roads on India with an effective form of insurance cover. There are basically two types of bike insurance policy-

  1. Comprehensive Bike insurance – This is a complete package policy. It offers complete safety to the bike and its owner as well. It basically provides four ways safety- coverage against losses because of damages, cover third party liability, and damage cover to the third party property damages. It will be there to secure person from the bodily injuries or death.
  2. Liability only insurance policy- It is mandatory to have this insurance for all bikes as per the Indian law. This two wheeler insurance policy offers the needful cover against all form of legal responsibility that take place because of an accident but, it will not be there to provide safety cover for wears and tears suffered by the vehicle.

Car Insurance

Car is something which cannot buy any other day. When it comes to a middle class family, it is like a dream for them to own a car. After buying car, it is also very important to make sure that you are providing complete safety to it, and the car insurance is the best way to do the same. Car insurance basically insures your car from unwanted accident, theft or any third party liability situation. In India, it is compulsory to buy car insurance policy. With little foresightedness and wit, one can choose the best plan according to his/her needs. Basically there are three forms of car insurance plans –

  1. Third Party Liability Coverage –Under the same, a person can enjoy the cover against legal liabilities which are caused to the third party during an accident. Hence, this plan provides cover to the third person for the injuries that are caused by you. This insurance is legally compulsory in India under the Motor Vehicles Act.
  2. Collision Coverage – Under this form of car insurance, a person will get protection for the expense that takes place because of damage to their own vehicle because of accident. But this does not offer any protection for theft or vandalism of the car.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage Plan – It is a complete package policy that provides an extended safety cover. Under the same you will be liable to get cover for car theft, third party legal liability, and even the personal accident cover. If you want all-around protection, then this is the best cover that you should go for.

Nowadays, it is easy to get the best car and bike insurance plan that can go well with your needs. There are multiple online platforms that can assist you in buying new vehicle insurance plan and also allows you to renew the existing one. So, go for the best insurance plan according to your requirement.

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