Bay Area Native Community Protest Zero-tolerance Immigration Policy

“No one is illegal on stolen land” has become a mantra used at rallies this summer among numerous communities in Indian Country.

Published July 6, 2018

RICHMOND, Calif. — Some hundred San Francisco Bay area American Indians and their allies held their own version of the Fourth of July on Wednesday outside the West County Detention Facility in Richmond, California.

Instead of acknowledging Independence Day, the group called their event the Inter-Dependence Day Decolonization Ceremony at the KKKoncentration Kamp (detention center) in Ohlone/Lisjan territory the colonizers call Richmond.

About 200 immigrants are detained at the facility on any given day.

The protesters spent their time outside the detention facility to dance and pray. The dancers moved for hours to the heartbeat of Mother Earth which resonated from the drums. Their movement is a prayer to give strength and hope to the imprisoned and to get humaine answers and actions to the lawmakers to stop the separation of children from their parents. 

Jose Cuellar opened the ceremony with a prayer and music that he blew out his flute. There were many bilingual speakers around the circle. Tony Gonzales, AIM West; Penne Opal Plant, Idle No More  Solidarity San Francisco Bay, Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia, Poor Magazine and Corinna Gould, Co-Founder at Indian People Organizing for Change  spoke to those assembled. 

Native News Online photos by Christopher Burquez. Arthur Jacobs contributed to this story from Santa Rosa, California.

AIM West leader Tony Gonzales speaks to assembled crowd to call for justice for children separated from their parents.


Corrina Gould

Penne Opal Plant


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