Arrest Made in Deadly Hit & Run of Quinault Tribal Citizen

Jimmy Smith – Kramer

Published May 31, 2017

MONTESANO, WASHINGTON – An arrest was made on Tuesday in connection to the connection to a hit-and-run of death of Jimmy Smith-Kramer, 20, and injured Harvey Anderson, 19, that happened early Saturday morning in a campground in Washington state. Kramer was a tribal citizen of the Quinault Tribe, based in Taholah, Washington.

The Gray Harbors County Sheriff’s department announced they arrested a 31-year-old man from Hoquiam, Washington, according to K5 TV. The name of the arrested man has not yet been released by authrorities, pending a court appearance. He is being held on a second-degree homicide charge.

Police had been looking of a white pick-up truck that ran over Smith-Kramer and Anderson while the two were at a campground over the Memorial Day weekend.

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