AMERIND Risk Celebrates 30 Years of Insuring Tribal Housing


Published February 25, 2016

SANTA ANA PUEBLO, NEW MEXICO — The organization created to provide affordable, sustainable housing insurance to Tribes is celebrating 30 years of success.

“Nowhere else in the nation can you find an insurance company [that is] created by Tribes, continues to serve Tribal interests and is 100 percent owned by Tribes,” said AMERIND CEO Derek Valdo.

More than 400 Tribes created AMERIND Risk in 1986 after pooling funding to provide insurance to Tribal housing authorities during the insurance crisis. Tribes, which compiled $18 million at the time, discovered by sharing the risk to cover claims they could keep liability costs down and provide coverage tailored to Tribal needs.

AMERIND Risk, is based on the Santa Ana Pueblo in New Mexico, has since extended its services, providing liability, property coverage, workers’ compensation and Tribal employee benefits. Each package is tailored to individual Tribes and Tribal businesses, after assessing safety, while honoring culture and tradition

“After three decades of listening to our members and customers, ongoing refinement and delivery of sound, solid services, our expanded offerings not only cater to the needs in Indian Country but helps reinvest our dollars to help grow our Native American economy,” Valdo said, adding that AMERIND also gives back to Tribes through charitable donations, an emergency fund for uninsured homeowners, and youth scholarships. About $404,000 was reinvested in 2015, topping previous years.

“In some areas of Indian Country, Tribes have no other choice. Some conventional insurance companies won’t insure our homes in Native American communities,” Valdo added. “We will be here as long as Tribes need us. We would not exist without the continued loyalty and trust of our Members and customers.”

AMERIND Risk will celebrate its success during a fundraising golf tournament on April 28th and at the Annual Convention and Tradeshow on May 8-11 co-hosted with the National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC) in Honolulu, Hawaii.

During the convention, the organization will announce the winners of the student poster contest. AMERIND hosts the national annual contest to help educate children and their families living in tribal housing about fire prevention and safety issues to help protect families from injury and loss, in addition, cut down on related claims. Three winners receive $1000.00 each.

Sponsorships and exhibit opportunities are available. For more information about AMERIND, the golf tournament, or to register for the annual meeting, Carving a Strong Future, go to Or contact Nancy Harjo Serna, (505) 404-5000 or





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