American Indians Protest Wall Due to Begin Construction at Southern Border

American Indian march in opposition of 6-mile wall already under contract to be built this year near Mission, Texas.

Published February 5, 2019

MISSION, Texas — On Monday, three dozen American Indians and their supporters marched in protest in Mission, Texas against the construction of a six-mile section of the wall at the southern border of the United States. The wall is already under contract with a Galveston construction company. Construction is scheduled to begin this spring.

The six-mile wall will be constucted in Hidalgo County, Texas of concrete and topped with 18-foot steel poles. One hundred and fifty feet of of land will be cleared on either side.

American Indians in the area, primarily from the Carrizo/Comecrudo tribe opposed the wall. They see it as a disruption to their cultural and spiritual history. Juan Mancias, tribal chairman for the Carrizo/Comecrudos, says his ancestors once had villages all along the Rio Grande.

“They haven’t consulted with us because we’re the original people of this land. We have the inherent right to this land.” he told a local news source. “And those people who have came in afterwards, they really don’t know where the villages are.”

He’s concerned construction will disturb sacred burial sites and could potentially damage hidden artifacts.

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