American Indian Candidate, Paulette Jordan, Gets Endorsement for Idaho Governor from Cher

Cher endorses Coeur D’Alene Paulette Jordan for governor of Idaho.

Published January 28, 2018

BOISE, IDAHO – A week ago Saturday, Idaho Democratic state Rep. Paulette Jordan (Coeur D’Alene), who is running for governor of Idaho, spoke at the Las Vegas women’s march.

In attendance was award-winning actress and singer Cher, who on Wednesday later tweeted: “I Met & Talked With Paulette At LAS VEGAS WOMENS RALLY. I Believe The PPL Of IDAHO Would Be WELL SERVED With Paulette Jordan As Their Governor. She is a thoughtful, Caring,Intelligent,Woman,Who Would Work TIRELESSLY 2 BENEFIT”ALL THE PPL”Of IDAHO.”

In December 2016, Jordan, 38, announced her candidacy for the top elected job in Idaho. She would be the first American Indian ever of any state in the United States and the first woman governor of Idaho.

Rep. Jordan at Las Vegas women’s march on January 20, 2018.

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