American Indian Affairs Announces Its Fourth Annual Repatriation Conference

Published June 25, 2018

ALBUQUERQUE — The Association on American Indian Affairs announces its Fourth Annual Repatriation Conference, “Advocating for Our Ancestors,” November 13 – 15, 2018 at the Forest County Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The conference will utilize the expertise of indigenous practitioners and leaders from Indian Country and around the world, as well as federal government officials, and domestic and foreign institutions to consult and strategize on how to advocate for the return of Ancestors and cultural items held by public and private hands or located on public or private lands from the US and around the world.

This year is a three-day Conference; the first day of the Conference will be dedicated to issues of domestic repatriation from federal agencies and museums as defined by the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, and how to implement NAGPRA at the Tribal level. The second day will involve repatriation advocacy for items held by private individuals or entities and items that are not covered by NAGPRA. The third day will be devoted to current issues of international repatriation, progress made and tools for advocacy.

Topics that will be a part of the Fourth Annual Repatriation Conference will include:

  • Developing Practical Tools to Implement NAGPRA
  • Improving Negotiation Strategies for the Return of Cultural Items from Private Hands
  • Learning Approaches for Successful International Repatriation
  • Exploring Tribal Custom and Culture to Develop Tribal Laws and Processes
  • Interactive Work Sessions to Explore Technology and Databases
  • Learning From Other Successful Repatriations

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend if you are:

  • Tribal leaders, elders, practitioners and traditionalists
  • Tribal Historic Preservation Officers and Cultural Resources Staff
  • Government agencies
  • Tribal organizations
  • Museum curators and officials from the US and foreign institutions
  • Arts and Antiquities Professionals
  • Youth interested in protecting Cultural Sovereignty


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