All Nine South Dakota Tribal Flags to be on Permanent Display at State Capitol

Dancing at South Dakota’s State Rotunda on Wednesday.

Published February 28, 2019

PIERRE, S.D. — South Dakota Govenor Krsiti Noem announced on Wednesday she is working with the state’s Secretary of Tribal Relations David Flute to have the tribal flags of the  nine American Indian tribes in South Dakota on permanent display in the State Capitol rotunda.

“South Dakota has a unique opportunity for a new beginning between the state and tribal governments. Bringing tribal flags to the rotunda is a sign that we are unified and working together to create policies for the next generation,” said Governor Kristi Noem. “I want our rotunda to be a place that represents the culture of South Dakota, and we can’t do that without the symbols of all nine tribes. May this be a sign to all that South Dakota is united, that we have common ground, and that we truly embrace the meaning of the word Dakota. We are allies.”

The announcement took place during State-Tribal Relations Day in the State Capitol.

“Displaying each of the nine South Dakota tribal flags in the capitol rotunda is a great step in strengthening State-Tribal relationships,” said Secretary of Tribal Relations David Flute. “The Department of Tribal Relations looks forward to coordinating with the governor’s office and tribal leaders to set a time and date to hold a formal flag display ceremony.”

Preparations are being made to put flags from each of the nine American Indian tribes in South Dakota on display in the State Capitol.


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