Albuquerque Indian Community Gathers to Honor Life of Ashlynne Mike

Published May 5, 2016

Ashlynne Mike

Ashlynne Mike

ALBUQUERQUE – The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women announced Thursday it will host an event to the honor the life of Ashlynne Mike, who was murdered on the Navajo Indian Reservation on Monday, May 2, 2016.

The event will take place at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Courtyard, 2401 12th Street NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico, this evening at 6:30 p.m., local time.

In respect to the family of Ashlynne, and following proper protocol, this event is a positive gathering to celebrate and honor the life of Ashlynne. Organizers are asking attendees to wear yellow- Ashlynne’s favorite color.

a3c74f40-2e7d-4779-b96e-9aea12d34516The Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women is accepting monetary donations (online via its website, phone, in-person and/or on-site) and donated goods (such as non-perishable food, fabric, blankets, yarn, etc- things that are traditionally used in ceremonies and give-away items that the family can use) to be delivered to the family on Friday May 6. If you are able to attend the event, please bring a donated item for the Mike family.

Donations can also be made directly at Wells Fargo in the name of “Ashlynne Mike Memorial Fund.” Food can also be donated at the following chapters: – San Juan Chapter – Nenahnezad Chapter – Upper Fruitland Chapter – Tse Da Kaan Chapter.

Albuquerque Community Gathering for #AshlynneMike Agenda

6:30pm Traditional Opening and Welcome

Welcome -Deleana OtherBull, Executive Director, Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women
Opening Prayer -Chad Pfeiffer, LMHC, First Nations Community HealthSource

Memorial Song -Whisper CK, Educator, Native American Community Academy

6:50pm Speakers

Statement from CSVANW
Navajo Nation Office of Vice President Jonathan Nez
New Mexico Indian Affairs Department Cabinet Secretary Kelly Zunie
Navajo Nation Office of Dine Youth- Lyle Harvey
Statement from the Mike family

7:45pm Prayer Songs

Sherri Willeto, First Nations Community HealthSource
Keoshiah Peter, University of New Mexico

Native Youth Drum Group- Native American Community Academy

8:00pm Closing Prayer and Last Remarks

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